All right, what am I missing here?  Jesus Christ very clearly stated that we as soon-Christians-to-be should not be buried in rituals and spout empty words.  He gave us an example of how to pray, recorded in both Matthew and Luke.  His starts off “Our Father in heaven, hallowed is your name…” as opposed to “give me what I want because I deserve it…” or “God, rain hell-fire on my next-door neighbor…”.  It was a guideline.  So what do we do?  For many Christian sects, every time they go to church they recite “Our Father, which art in heaven…”  You might as well zen out and say “Om” a few hundred times.  Same benefit.

OK, Communion time.  Throughout Jesus’ ministry, he has been preaching about brotherhood, family, a commune (no, we’ll skip the hippie group-everything mentality here as well) where things are shared and help is given among like-minded believers.  At the last supper, he takes wine and bread (and we won’t go into further symbolism or mystical garbage), the two staples of every meal, and says “every time you drink this wine or eat this bread (paraphrased), remember me”.  So what I believe he’s saying is that we should focus on him daily.  Make sense?  He could have said “with every breath you take” and it would have had the same connotation.  So what do even the supposedly biblical-centered ministries do?  They make a special ritual out of it, only to be held at specific times and places.

So I ask again, what am I missing?  It seems to me the paragraphs above boil down to “Pray thankfully and think of God always”.

…or do I need to light candles and incense and make a grand show of piety?  I think we as followers of Christ need to re-examine the early church writings  – before they were warped and twisted by those driven by greed, avarice, and a general desire to bilk the faithful of their hard-earned money.

Just sayin’…