Yes, this country is sick.  We have lost sight of just how unique we are.  What is the Liberal’s problem? Selective hearing? I (read conservatives) have no, zero, zip, nada, bupkis problem with immigration. We are not intent on becoming isolationists, or some combination of Nazi and Apartheid zealots. Liberals don’t seem to understand or even hear the word ‘illegal’. My great-grandparents were immigrants – LEGAL immigrants – one side from England, the other Germany. I’m proud of my heritage. They came here, embraced the melting pot, assimilated, and they and their families welcomed yet more LEGAL immigrants in future generations. What am I not saying or understanding? These illegals sneak in, insisting that we house, clothe, feed, even educate them at our (the legal immigrant’s) expense. On top of that, they don’t/won’t/are forbidden to assimilate, demanding we accept their isolationist enclaves and their archaic laws. Roving gangs of illegals refusing to assimilate terrorize American citizens.  This is not the America I grew up in or even understand.